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Prescribed Burning in Russia (J. G. Goldammer et al.)
This volume consists of 5 parts covering:
- Use of prescribed fire in forestry in Russia,
- Description of the first phase of a long-term fire experiment in Siberia
- Fire history and research in Mongolia
- Use of prescribed fire in forestry, conservation and landscape managemet in Eurasia
- The Krasnoyarsk 10-Point Programme on the Future of Fire Management in Russia
Besides the table of contents of the volume, some sample pages of the five parts are provided.
For an extract please click on the picture.
ISBN: 978-3-941300-71-2, Price: 35 Euro
Fire Ecology Vegetation Fires and Global Change (J. G. Goldammer ed.)
Challenges for Concerted International Action
A White Paper directed to the United Nations and International Organizations
A Publication of the Global Fire Monitoring Center (GFMC)
This White Paper is a global state-of-the-art analysis of the role of vegetation fires in the Earth System and is published as a collective achievement of the world’s most renowned scientists and research groups working in fire science, ecology, atmospheric chemistry, remote sensing and climate change modeling. The aim of the White Paper is to support the endeavour of the United Nations and its affiliated processes and networks to address global vegetation fires  and provides rationale for coordinated, international action in crossboundary fire management at global scale.
Besides the Forewords by United Nations officials and the preface the table of contents of the volume are provided for an extract (please click on the picture). Publication date and availability for online orders: 23 August 2013.
ISBN: 978-3-941300-78-1, Price: 35 Euro
Wildfire Investigation – Guidelines for Practitioners
This book, authored by Cornelis (Neels) de Ronde and Johann G. Goldammer, is a publication of the Global Fire Monitoring Center (GFMC). It aims at sharing experiences of wildfire investigation in South Africa over two decades with other regions and countries of the world. The guidelines are a contribution in support of the endeavor of the United Nations (UN) and its affiliated processes and networks, notably the United Nations International Strategy for Disaster Reduction (UNISDR) and the Global Wildland Fire Network, to reduce the impacts of wildfires at global level for the benefit of the global environment and humanity. Wildfire investigation is an essential component of fire management since it contributes to clarify the origins and causes of wildfires, but more importantly, to unveil possible deficits in fire management, gaps that should be closed by appropriate capacity building. This volume is a contribution to the International Wildfire Preparedness Mechanism (IWPM). The preface, table of contents and some selected pages of the volume are provided for an extract (please click on the picture). Publication date and availability for online orders: 31 January 2015.
ISBN: 978-3-941300-99-6, Price: 17 Euro plus shipping costs

Microscopic Preparation Techniques
for Plant Stem Analysis (Gärtner, Schweingruber, 22 Euro)

Stem Anatomical Features of Dicotyledons (Crivellaro, Schweingruber, 34 Euro)
Mikroskopische Holzanatomie
Mikroskopische Holzanatomie, Anatomie microscopique du bois, Microscopic Wood Anatomy (Schweingruber, 25 Euro)
Overview and Descriptions of Trichoptera in Baltic Amber – Spicipalpia and Integripalpia (Wichard, 32 Euro)
Wood – Chemistry, Ultrastructure, Reactions (Fengel, Wegener)
Price: 38 Euro
Science and Technology of Wood (Tsoumis)
Price: 36 Euro

Dictionary Environment and
Forestry (Warkotsch, Prüller)
more than 30.000 entries
Price: 35 Euro

Anatomy of European Woods –  Anatomie Europäischer Hölzer (Schweingruber). Price: 65 Euro
Wood Anatomy of Eastern Mediterranean Species
Wood Anatomy of Eastern
Mediterranean Species
(Akkemik, Yaman).
Price: 35 Euro

Aquatic Insects in Baltic Amber
(Wichard, Gröhn, Seredzsus)

Price: 19 Euro
Araucaria – all species in English
The genus Araucaria – An
illustrated overview of its species

(also available in French/Francais and German).
Price: 58 Euro

Tropical Timbers of the world
(Chudnoff), index of names.
Price: 25 Euro

Biodiversity (Cogalniceanu).
Price 14 Euro

Sylvicultura Oeconomica (Carlowitz)
Sylvicultura oeconomica

The book in which the term
"sustainability" (in german:
"Nachhaltigkeit") was used
first in 1713.
Three editions available.

- left: first edition from 1713.
Price 37 Euro

- middle: second edition
from 1732). Price 39 Euro

- right: Transkription into
the modern German
. Price 25 Euro

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