Anatomy of ring-forming plants in Egyptian deserts (Farahat, E., Gärtner, H.)


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Plant anatomy is the branch of biology that is concerned with the study of the internal structure of plants and their parts. Accurate description and well knowledge of the anatomical ring-structure of the plants results in an accurate conclusion concerning internal physiological processes and the effects of environmental factors on them. This book opens a window for dendrochronological studies in Egypt and similar countries in the world. Although it presents a small portion of what it should be, it hopefully encourages other researchers to explore the anatomical ring-structure of desert plants in Egypt and the world. Eventually, these efforts will help in improving our understanding of the tree growth-climate relationships and give more information on the performance of tree species under changing climate using new dendrochronological and laboratory techniques.
Finally, we think that exploring the anatomical ring-structure of plants in the southern Mediterranean and subtropical regions is worth trying and we encourage other researchers to collaborate on this issue.