Photographic Atlas for the Microscopic Identification of Twigs of Selected Central European Trees and Shrubs (Zibulski, P., Schweingruber, F. H.)


304 pages

format: 22×31 cm

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ISBN: 978-3-945941-44-7

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2nd edition 2020

For the first time in wood anatomical research, this book provides a
detailed overview of juvenile wood of Central European trees and shrubs.
The atlas utilizes high quality, double stained thin sections to characterize
transverse and radial twig-specific features in each species. Presented
are photographs (more than 1500) and texts on one- to four-year-old twigs of 52 Central
European woody species: 9 conifers and 43 deciduous. Each species is
characterized morphologically and anatomically. The pith, the primary
and secondary xylem and the bark with phloem, cortex and periderm of
each species is illustrated with more than 20 photographs. The individual
characteristics are explained in a comprehensive feature catalogue.
Specific keys for the pith, one- to four-year-old wood and the bark enable
the microscopic identification of twig fragments. We clearly show that
the anatomy of juvenile twigs differs in various microscopic aspects
in comparison to mature wood. Therefore, this book presents a long
awaited complement to wood anatomical atlases describing adult xylem
and bark.
The book is a base for the microscopic identification of twigs from living
plants as well as from archaeological and geological deposits.
The twig atlas addresses users who are already familiar with wood
anatomy. Last but not least we would like to highlight and draw attention
to the aesthetic qualities of twig wood anatomy.