Overview and Descriptions of Trichoptera in Baltic Amber – Spicipalpia and Integripalpia (Wichard, W.)


230 pages

ISBN: 9783941300842

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In 1742 Nathanael Sendel (1686-1757), August des Starken’s medical attendant and physician in Elbing, published his main work “Historia succinorum corpora aliena involventium et naturae opere pictorum et caelatorum ex Augustorum I et II cimeliis Dresdae conditis aeri insculporum”, with which he laid the foundation for future paleobiological amber research (Wichard & Wichard 2008). Sendel (1742) was the author of a compendium on fossil inclusions of Baltic amber, which ori-ginated from the amber collection of the well-known natural history collection of Dresden, and illustrates, on 12 copper tables, animal and plants encased in amber. On these tables fossil caddisflies were documented for the first time. However, Sendel did not recognise them as caddisflies but categorised the specimens to the butterflies, which are much rarer in Baltic amber (Greven & Wichard 2010).